Sharepoint OneDrive for Business (Formerly SkyDrive Pro)

Sharepoint OneDrive for Business (Formerly SkyDrive Pro)

Sync Your Files in a Document Library to Your Local Computer

OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) is an application for Synchronizing Files or Documents in a Sharepoint Document Library to your local computer (for instance:Desktop). Without this application it is not possible to sync your Sharepoint files to a directory in your computer. This application must be installed to client’s workstation (PC) which will be used to serve this purpose.

            Think that we didn’t install this application. But still we wanted to try sync function in a document library. See what happens… We clicked “SYNC” button and clicked to “Allow” button as shown in the picture below.


            But it gave me a warning that it needs an app for succeeding this process. It is exactly OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) that we need.


            First thing in the workstation that you want to use for sync click to link, then choose the proper OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro). It must be compatible with your Office Version (32/64 bit) and language it was installed.


            I installed the Wizard to my desktop.


            Click “Yes” for User Account Control!


            Double click to installation wizard. You can see it already started to upload. Click to “Next” button.


            Click “Accept” button for License Agreement.


            Read about OneDrive and click “Next” button.


            You can choose a background style for your Office application.


            You can take a look what is new in Office. For now I just clicked to “No, thanks” link.


            You can see the installation progress.


            After all, you have a successful installation. Click “All Done”.


            Now we can try the same thing that we did at the beginning. First refresh your Document Library page. Click to “Allow” button.


            To see how it works, I uploaded a document to library.


            Click to “SYNC” button now. Here you are now it is not giving any warning or error. It is asking for starting Sync process. I wanted to choose another location for SYNC Folder on my desktop. For this click to “Change” link.


            I created a folder named “SPSenkron” on my desktop and clicked “OK”.


            Now click to “Sync Now” button.


            When it finishes you can view your files synchronized to folder that we want. Click “Show my files” button.


            Here you can see the same files which we have in Document Library. The green check on the document icon means it is synchronized.


            Let’s try to upload to this folder a new document. When I drag and drop the new pptx file, it shows that it is synchronizing with turning arrows on the icon. When it finishes the icon has a green check on it as you can see in the picture below.


            And also when we refresh the document library page. We can see that the new file is there.


Thanks for your patience.

See you….Murat GÜL…

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